Clay Development Update

Posted by david on 14 August 2012 at 1:12 am

I've been implementing the new Module system in Clay and using it to test the documentation generator Doxygen on the source code. I'm changing some of the coding style in Clay. They say a develoeper's political and social values influence how they write code, well, I'm a conservative. I've always tried to keep my code condensed and as small as possible. I'm trying to move away from that and make the code a little "prettier", while also making it easier to read, and documenting it better. 

The Module system allows a module developer complete freedom over his/her module. Each module is in reality a sublibrary to a library named Module, so a module's can be access using Clay's \Library() function or by using the Module library. This also allows developers using the modules use them in ways that fit their coding styles. They can be accessed directly or using methods within the Module object (as well as staticly). 

The purpose behind the modules is to provide a layer between libraries and applications. A secondary benefit to the separation is the ability for application platforms to share modules. Modules have their own setup classes and a Manager that resolves module dependencies. The manager can determine if a module is installed, what version is installed or available, and any dependencies it may have or another module has on it. When an application is installed, it can invoke the module Manager and tell the manager it needs or no longer needs a module. The manager then sets up a database or whatever is specified in the module's setup class, including a dependence on another module.

Currently I am working on the "privs" branch within the Clay repository. The purpose of the branch is to mature Clay's privilege system, which led me to implement Modules. The first modules that will be included will be User and Security based, but I plan to move much of the ClayCMS library to modules.

I have been regularly regenerating the documentation with Doxygen to track any problems with changes I'm making and to learn what works best for me. I plan to put the Doxygen generated docs up on the web, likely a placeholder on or on a GitHub page, once the privs branch is merged back into master.


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