ClayDB 2 Development

Posted by david on 25 June 2012 at 4:26 am

ClayDB was one of the first libraries I wrote for Clay and is the only one left that hasn't been completely rewritten. As well as it works, it's still lacking in several areas and is overall incomplete. I've been working on adding new adapters and datadicts to support more databases. What I came to realize was ClayDB could be a lot better. 

Now before I get into the details, this is only about ClayDB. I have not started Clay 2 (yet). That is quite a while away. ClayDB is a separate library that comes with Clay. ClayDB in Clay 2 will be based on Clay 2's roadmap requirements and could still be ClayDB 2 or ClayDB 5, it's hard to tell.

ClayDB 2 is going to be geared more toward flexibility for different databases and work a lot better on the datadict side (table manipulation). MySQL is the most popular database Clay caters to, like now, but will allow verbage for developers working with other supported databases. The goal with ClayDB 2 is to allow a developer to write an application for PostgreSQL and ClayDB can translate it for someone using SQLite or MySQL. Now obviously some features do not translate, which is a shame, but for most standard SQL requirements all of the databases should be able to work seamlessly. 

My hope is to make ClayDB much more complete than is it now and easier to implement the adapters and datadicts. I also want to make it as usable for someone learning database schema as it is to the expert database designer. That part is harder, especially when you have to meet features in the datadicts with features in the adapters. 

I've created a new branch in the Clay repo in the Clay Project's Github named claydb2. It's a clone of the master branch. I'm hoping to get this pushed out fast and merged back into master soon.


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