Development Updates

Posted by david on 12 May 2012 at 3:50 am

Here are some apps and features I hope to be adding to ClayCMS over the next few of months (or at least working on):

  • Hooks - Most likely part of the Apps application, Hooks will use the Services API to allow apps to share, display, or pull in features of other apps. The Filter app's use of Services will likely be a basis for this application.
  • Forms app - currently there is an API named ClayDO (Clay Data Objects) that I have built a code-level form generator with. It uses the various form elements as objects and allows me to build entire forms from within an application's code. That Form API is a ClayDO object-type, but in the future I plan to extend it into an app that can be used to build forms from the user interface and Hook them into other apps.
  • Objects app - potentially a replacement to ClayDO in the future, it's purpose is to have ClayDO's object relational mapping at the application level for more intuitive use of the UI and APIs.
  • REST - REST is a way to move or manipulate data between systems using simple requests. I plan to build a REST Server and Client into Clay that will allow you to tranfer information between sites and services. The Client will be able to use REST services offerred from other sites, while the Server allows you to open up data to be used in new ways. [This is part of the reason I want to start a Data Context initiative between open source projects - to allow sites built on different software to easily talk to eachother.]
  • Blocks app - I've worked on this quite a bit already, but I have some work to do to keep it in line with my performance goals for ClayCMS. Blocks will be similar to Xaraya's Blocks, but not nearly as complex. They will be more along the lines of mini-apps, more than likely.
  • Pages app - This should be higher up the list, as it will likely come sooner than some of the others. The Pages app will allow you to use a WYSIWYG editor to put whatever content on a full page that you want. It will also have a few prepared pages, such as a contact form, that will fill in some missing functionality until more apps come along. I have considered using the Pages app as a type of navigation tool, allowing you to use Blocks and other Applications within a page (maybe even with shortened URL support). It will be simple at first and I'll build on it from there.
  • Social app - I've worked on this one some. It is intended to offer social tools for other apps to use, such as Facebook comments, content sharing features, post to x social network, and other social networking features.


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