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11 Aug 17

1:04 am

I've been fairly busy lately, a few different projects going on at the same time. No complaints though, it's good to stay busy. I look to expand the widgets app with some additional APIs and blocks over the next few weeks. I also have some Zillow features to add, probably over the next week. Of course there are the usual suspects within Clay to finish as well. I'll get to them eventually. After working with several CMS' over the last couple of weeks, I think one of the things I've neglected in Clay is a good menu system. I have the utilities in place to build one, but never implemented the actual menu. I'll have to work on that as well.


07 Aug 17

1:30 am

Zillow API

Clay now has a Widgets application which allows you to use APIs from 3rd parties on your site. It isn't feature complete, but you can view the Zillow Reviews API on my client's site at L&M Realty. If you get an error, that's because Zillow hasn't approved my request increase and L&M gets a lot of traffic. I haven't finished the template for the API, but right now it splits between team requests and agent requests. If multiple agents are requested it will split them into tabs, which I haven't finished implementing.


29 Jul 17

11:53 am

3rd Party APIs in Clay

I'm working on an app that will allow you to build portable website widgets using 3rd party api's. It'll also provide hooks within Clay so you can plugin the widgets to other apps. Any requests for api's to use?


25 Jul 17

2:15 am

I'm officially a New Mexico business owner. I'll be doing web sites, apps, customization and consulting. Pretty excited :)


20 Jul 17

2:13 am

Part of the last few things I'd like to implement before the 1.0 release are some SEO optimizations. Clay itself gets indexed really well, but the theme doesn't have all of the meta tags that help page rank and the page titles could be adjusted to improve search rankings. Most of the optimizations will be in the theme for now.

Once I branch off into the 2.0 dev builds (1.6+), I will be implementing a router to allow human friendly URLs. It won't take a lot to do it, since I most of the utility functions are built into the core and apps already. That will be a big SEO improvement.


18 Jul 17

12:01 pm

I'm working on finishing the contact app and pages app, so I can release Clay 1. I want to also finish the generic menu block, but that may just be an update after Clay 1. I'll be back porting some things into 1.x once I start on Clay 2. I have some other projects coming up so I'm just trying to put time into Clay while I can.


17 Jul 17

12:59 am

User Registration & Comments Enabled

I've finally enabled user registration and comments. Took a while longer than I planned. Register and try it out. Let me know what you think.


16 Jul 17

1:18 pm

Was looking for a tweet to test Twitter embeds and saw this... 

The NDAA covers lifetime transgender therapy, but not IV fertilization therapy, lifetime mental health therapy, or lifetime PT for wounded.

— RightHandMan (@RightHandManSJ) July 16, 2017


12:26 pm


1:44 am
I have a few more updates I want to push to the server before I enable registration. Should still be this weekend though if I have time. I'm mostly working on user features, so I may scale back a little and update the rest later.