12:39 am
I've been experimenting with the first stage of the services platform for ClayCMS. One of the tests I hope to actually deploy is a Dashboard/Control Panel, which is generated dynamically depending on installed applications and a user's privileges. Once I have the Dashboard up, I'll probably begin allowing a few users to register and test it out.
11:54 pm5 Years!
Today I've been married to my wife, Stanzi, for 5 years! I love you :)
11:35 pm
I've decided to deploy the services features in a few different stages, in order to make sure they scale and I get the mash-up affect I'm looking for. The good news is that means some new apps will begin showing up sooner than they would have. It also means the development cycles will be stretched a little longer than I had wanted. After a lot of testing and scenarios, I think this will be the best approach for a solid base for development and maintenance.
11:30 pm
I'll try again...
11:25 pm
I obviously need to extend the session timeout to something a little longer. I typed a fairly lengthy post and ended up losing it because I waited to post it.
5:59 pm
It's taken a little longer than I expected for new features to begin rolling out. I'm working on a core feature in Clay that would require some rewriting of applications if I push anything new through right now. The new core feature is a services interface, which can be used for utilities such as hooks, blocks, data objects, and other specialized applications. If you are familiar with Drupal or Xaraya, it is a mix between Nodes and Dynamic Data.
1:04 am
The bug was an issue with sessions expiring, which resulted in the session handler trying to create a new session, with the same session id (more like recreate the old one ;). I've had a fairly aggressive gc deleting old sessions, but once in a while there would be a strange error in my log file that didn't really tell me anything. The security enhancements yesterday added some intercepts that use the deny over allow methodology, including some privileged error messages. Because of those, I finally got a less cryptic error message and was able to track down the bug. Even if that wasn't the earlier bug, it's at least a dead bug :)
Finally.. I think. There has been a session bug that has been bugging me (yup) for the last 2 months, roughly. It would show up, then go away, just when I thought it was a fluke, it would come back again! Well it showed up again today. So I've spent most of my free time today trying to zap it. I uploaded a potential went away. Hopefully it's squashed and I can finally concentrate on something a little more interesting.
9:43 pm
Maybe I'll leave the date in the same place and just move the time. Whatever..options are good.
9:41 pm
The timeline may look better when there's more than one user posting though... I'll have to play with it when I have time.
9:40 pm
Well, this timeline order for blog posts was kind of cool when I imagined it, now it's looking kind of lame. Guess I'll have to do some tweaking when I get back around to working on the blog app. Maybe a "choose your layout" option?
4:18 pm
I did get around to uploading some changes, but they were some bug fixes and some security enhancements. I haven't uploaded any new apps yet. I missed some important features on the administrative side, so I've been having to implement those. Now that those are in place, I'm hoping to begin trickling in some new additions.