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09 May 11

5:40 pm

Plans for this Clay week

I ran into some strange server compatibility issues when setting up this site yesterday, so I plan to mainly focus on finding out what is causing them. I'm not sure how much of my free time I'll have left after that. I'm hoping some of them are configuration issues that can be fixed with php.ini directives. I need to tweak the HTML filter, so I can allow HTML in these posts. I also want to set up the user profiles, so I can begin working toward comments and multiuser features. If I have time I'm also going to set up another site, using the multisite package, and use that for a public test site.

12:50 am
Calling it a night...finally. There are still some strange differences I'm noticing between how Clay is running on this web server, compared to my home server. I guess this is just another part of the learning process. Good night!

12:27 am
As you can probably see, the server has been giving me some issues. Apparently I need to compare the server settings between the host and my local server again. Ah well, good thing this is all temporary :)

12:24 am


This is the beginning of a CMS I've been writing. It is based on the Clay Framework, which I've been working on for several years now. There's not a lot to see on the user end right now, but this is a start.