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01 Dec 17

10:34 am

Open Source Blog Series

I've been using open source software for a long time, it got me into coding and it's now almost everywhere. Or is it everywhere?

My goal for 2018 is to get to the point I only use open source for my personal devices. My job requires I use closed source, so it's not possible there, but is it possible at home?  I'm going to find out and chronicle here in a blog series.

My first task should be an easy one. I've been wanting to get away from email run by corporations, specifically ones that use my email for marketing data, that includes my email clients. Some of the tasks may not be so easy, but I'll start there.


30 Nov 17

12:35 am

Once the next stable version of Clay is online, I'm going to split my blog between here and a new clay web site. I'll start blogging about other things here, clay stuff there. ClaySS and a few other projects will be released through the other site as well. I haven't had time the last couple of days to code, so I've been thinking about blogging more.


28 Nov 17

9:56 am

Linux Mint 18.3 Released

I upgraded to Linux Mint 18.3 last night. Smooth update, even on my older laptop. Mint continues to impress me, each incremental update makes it a little better. This update has several nice features, such as progress on the program icon on the task bar, more login settings, and an improved software manager. 

Give Linux Mint a try if you are tired of Windows 10 bogging down your PC or just want a full featured solid desktop.


27 Nov 17

2:04 am
Amazed myself a little today. I built 80% of the markdown app for Clay today and it didn't take long at all...I had to go back and do a code review, because it seemed like it was going too fast. Clay has reached a point where I can build for it really fast. I know it helps that I made it and know it so well, but the level of abstraction behind applications is really remarkable. I may make it a goal to add an app every week now...

26 Nov 17

1:09 am

I've decided I'm going to drop my current email provider and start using my own. I haven't had any problems, I just feel like a few companies are getting too big and I don't want to contribute to them any longer. The power of the internet is getting too consolidated. Who knows, maybe I'll build an email client into Clay. I've built one before...I wonder if I can dig up from the backup graveyard.


1:03 am

I started using Firefox again, after using Chrome for several years consistently. The new version of Firefox is a winner, they made a lot of good choices with it. I honestly forget I'm not using Chrome. I was testing with it and the next day I opened it again and now a few days later I'm still using it, it just happened.

Give the new Firefox a try, if you haven't.


24 Nov 17

2:41 am

I'm getting closer to the next stable version of Clay so I'm working on a redesign of the Blog app. It'll have a more modern style, along with some multiuser features that won't be enabled here. I'm really liking the markup I designed for it, now I just need to work in the changes to ClaySS so I can try it out within Clay. My goal for the next stable version is to have it live by Christmas, or at least a beta version of it. So far I'd say it's doable, but if I run into any issues they may push it into January. 


23 Nov 17

1:24 am

I smoked a Boston Butt for Thanksgiving for 12 hours today. It was falling apart in the pan when I put it in the fridge :) I really wanted to do a ham, but none of the butchers here sell them raw, so I went with the next best I could find. I'm frying my first turkey in the morning, don't worry, it isn't frozen. 

I also had a little time to work on Clay. I am proud to say nothing in ClaySS requires any JavaScript. Even the navbar degrades nicely on mobile, although it will use a JS toggle instead in my themes. I've added a few ClaySS components lately. It now has tabs and tooltips, with a special kind of tooltip that displays in a stationary box below (or beside) a menu. That one is used on the dashboard to explain what the menu items go to or do. I've moved most of the CSS to SASS variables; I haven't used any CSS variables yet, although I do plan to where they are convenient.

Earlier I talked about deprecating Summernote, which was a difficult choice. I've decided I'm going with Markdown for an editor, instead of HTML. HTML is difficult to manage in the database over time, because site styling changes and you could end up with several different HTML content structures. I've always hated storing formatted text anyway. Markdown allows me to store it unformatted and format it on the fly, which is nice. I can also store the formatted text AND the Markdown, so if my Markdown formatting changes it can just reprocess the text to be stored. Pretty handy I think. I can reformat HTML, which I'll have to do on my blog for the update, but working with DOM structures is far more complicated than Markdown, in my opinion. Luckily Markdown is gaining popularity and is easy to use once you get the hang of it. I find it even faster, because I don't have to stop typing to click a formatting button.

Anyway, that's what's been going on for me, Happy Thanksgiving!


21 Nov 17

2:38 am

I'm not going in depth with the details, but Clay is past the 1.2 milestone and I'm working toward 1.3. I haven't decided if version 1.3 will go on the server or if I'll wait until the 1.4 milestone. These are mostly front-end changes so I may wait for a cleaner build. There are several changes: deprecated Bootstrap, Summernote, and jQuery; added a new JavaScript framework and ClaySS; and a new theme. I am in the process of replacing Summernote and updating all of the application styling to use ClaySS. By the time it gets on the server all deprecated items will be removed. I will be converting the current theme as well, so I'm not sure if I'll stick with this one here or not. Even if I do, you'll still see some differences. I may even do another new theme to test everything out.


16 Nov 17

1:22 am

With all of the CSS and JS changes, I've decided to retool the dashboard, mostly to cut down on ajax calls. It'll also give theme designers more options for the dashboard and allow me to build in more features that were being restricted by the ajax calls. The dashboard will still use ajax, but it'll be more for background processes and not as much for loading content. The downside is it drops one of the features I liked best, which was to use the dashboard and never change the page I was on. To solve that, the dashboard close button will take you back to the page you were on before entering any dashboard functions. 

Lots of changes, but overall I think Clay is getting better everyday.