I am pleased to announce the latest release of Clay, version 0.9.20.

Download it from our Google Drive here.

This release features a new upgrade tool, built into the Clay Installer. It is the first release that allows a direct upgrade from the previous version. To access the upgrade (or install Clay) go to install.php in a browser. If you are upgrading, an upgrade link will display next to the Web Site Configuration name. 

This release includes several fixes and enchancements, including:
  • Clay Installer fixes
  • Clay's Installer Package now lists all modules and applications affected during an upgrade
  • Several modules and applications were correctly associated as Core items in their info files
  • Sessions data field updated to TEXT instead of VARCHAR (bug fix)
  • Added Plugins module and application (not fully implemented)
  • Added a stylesheet for the pager
  • Performance updates in the Dashboard
  • Performance updates in WYSIHTML5
  • Autoboot Package bug fix (critical)
  • Optimized Privileges module (data caching)
Check out the release and let me know what you think.
I started school last week and it's taking up a little more of my time than I had planned. I should still be able to manage the Clay release schedule, I just have to work out the time management aspect of the change.

I am also in the planning stage of a major addition to the Clay project. This addition will be a long term project and will likely not get off the ground until closer to Clay 1.5. With that said, I am in the process of creating an Android starter application that uses data API services from a Clay website. The idea is to provide a starter application, so anyone with a Clay website and and a little extra time can provide their own Android companion application.

While the Clay-side features can be used for any mobile OS (including the the application layout), I only plan to provide the base application for Android. iOS may be supported later, but this is an open source project and Android is also open source (read that however you wish)
1:24 pm
I'm considering issuing another supplemental release, before the scheduled Beta 3 release later this month. It will likely be 0.9.16 and would be the first version of Clay with a working upgrade functionality. Consider it an Alpha version to 0.9.20 :)

I just started school again yesterday, so I'm trying to cram as much coding as I can before my class "gets real".

It has been so hard not to start on Clay 2.0... I don't understand why I can't just finish something before I move on to something else. On a lighter note, I've decided the best way to document Clay is from within. One of the plugins I hope to have implemented by the July release will be a built-in help system that pulls data from a git repository. The source may change as Clay evolves, but I thought that would be the best way to build up documentation and not have to release a new version just to update docs. Other developers, if they exist, will be able to push their docs into the repository and keep them up to date as well.
I've began work on the Clay Plugins system, which is the new name for the Hooks System I've mentioned lately. Plugins allow applications to offer pieces of functionality to extend an existing application. One of the first plugins I plan to make available is a comments system, which can add comments support to content items.

Plugins are an important feature for Clay 1.x and will enable a lot of expansion and changes. They are a stepping stone between the Services feature now provided and the future Data Objects model, planned for Clay 2.0. Even though Clay is just now approaching a 1.0 release, the code base has had a long development life span and this is an evolutionary step toward a new Clay.

Originally, I had planned to implement this functionality as an application that used the Services feature. As I looked forward, I realized a move away from Services would provide a better upgrade plan. The goal is to move all of the Services functionality toward plugins, for Clay 1.5, which will then move on to Application Data Objects when that feature is implemented for Clay 2.0. 
4:23 pm
Finding myself fighting with myself over why I'm creating a Hooks system that will be obsolete in a year. The reason though, is it would take a year to finish the alternative and I only have until August before my self-created Clay 1.0 deadline.

Oh well, Hooks now...Data Objects in September ;)
Even though I just released Clay 0.9.15 yesterday, the next scheduled release on only about 3 weeks away. I only have less than 3 months to have Clay ready for the scheduled 1.0 release in August, so there's lots to do!

For Clay 0.9.20 (June), I hope to finish implementing the Hooks system and have the upgrade functionality working in the Installer. I also have quite a bit of documentation to write, so I'm hoping some of that will be done as well. Beyond that, I plan to try to finish as much of the started-but-not-finished apps as possible. If I can add an app or two, then I'll be happier, but finishing what's started is a key goal for this release.

I hope for Clay 0.9.30 (July) to mostly be about performance enhancements and cleaning out as much unused code as possible. I have so say there are a few areas I'm not happy about performance, particularly in the Dashboard. 
I've upgraded this site to the newest version of Clay. The theme you are seeing is the new Vision theme that is included with the Clay release. 

Now that I have this site running, I will begin building I had hit a roadblock with some issues, which is why it is not online yet, but those were fixed in the Clay 0.9.15 release.

I've also changed a few things around on the server, so upgrades should be more frequent and I will generally try to keep the latest version of Clay running here.

This is a supplemental release to correct some issues in 0.9.10. It can be downloaded from

Leave feedback in the issue log for this release:

Any bugs or feature requests should be reported as their own issue on GitHub.

I've decided to add a release to the Road Map. This will be a supplemental release to fix some critical problems that are in the 0.9.10 release. Several privileges and user bugs prevented Clay sites to operate correctly, which also prevented me from opening up and upgrading this site.

The supplemental release will be come tomorrow, 29 May, and will be 0.9.15 (Clay 1.0 Beta 2). Clay 0.9.20 is still scheduled for 21 June and has been changed to Beta 3 on the road map.

You can download or clone the latest version of Clay from our GitHub repo:

I'm happy to annouce the first official release of Clay. The official web site is not yet online, but it will be coming soon. 

Download Clay 0.9.10 

This release is considered Clay 1.0 Beta 1, but labeled 0.9.10 for tracking purposes. Visit Clay's Github repo. While documentation is scarce at the moment, it is a key focus of development between now and next month's Beta 2 release.

Clay 0.9.10 (1.0 Beta 1) is scheduled for release on the 17th of this month, just a few days away. I've been pushing in bug fixes that crept in from me not using Linux for a while. I've been testing on this server using the deployment of as my test bed. will also open up on Friday.

This first release is kind of bare, in terms of content applications, but it is mostly for testing installation and configuring. Likewise, next month's release will be for testing the upgrade process. Along the way I will be adding some applications. I've been trying to finish the Pages app, for, and the Menu service will follow closely after that. Not all applications in the repo will be released, but are available from the master branch of course. The first release may only have the Vision theme, depending on how much time I have between now and Friday. The Vision theme will also be featured on, as well as here once I have this site migrated to the release version (probably by the end of the weekend, if not sooner).

It's been a long time coming, but it's looking like I will finally have a first release. Hopefully the forward momentum and a little publicity will bring in some users and maybe even some developers. More to come, but as of now the 17th looks like the day.

9:15 amSite Updates

I'm currently working on updating the site to the newest version of Clay. I've run into some problems that have been caused from using Windows and not having a test environment on Linux lately. I'll hopefully get those ironned out today. 

I'm going to launch a test site for and then I'll migrate this site over to that code base, once I know everything is working. 

There's shouldn't be any downtime for the update, but consider this a heads up just in case.