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26 May 12

3:50 pm

ClayCMS: MT Developer Theme

I pushed the MT theme today to GitHub. You can browse the theme on GitHub here:

Keep in mind that is the current tree, so if I push a change you wont see it with that URL.


24 May 12

7:13 pm

Developer Theme for ClayCMS

I'm working on a theme for developers to use as a starter theme. It's going to replace the older Empty theme, which is out dated at the moment. Empty will be renamed and restyled to use the new CSS requirements in ClayCMS (though they are still evolving). 

The developer theme will have a page template that is fairly void, just showing the theme output methods. It will also have a separate page that is the beginning of our theme documentation. I'm building it for Valter to use to get to know the theme system better, but decided I may as well make it a standard feature :)

Side note: documenting code usually shows where there is room for improvement, this is another case of that. I've added a few theme system features to the TODO list since I started documenting the theme.


22 May 12

5:44 am

ClayCMS Pushed to Clay Repository

I've pushed the latest code of ClayCMS to the Clay repository, along with everything that was once in the clay-installer repository. 


Disclaimer: ClayCMS should not be used on a production server! It is considered Alpha (pre-Beta) code and has a lot of work left.

If you want to check it out, head over to the Clay Repository at If you want to help let me know or fork it and send some pull requests!

Now that I have some help with the project, I will be opening the development and plans a lot more.


5:30 am

Clay's GitHub Repository Changes

Tonight I've deleted a few of the repositories on GitHub for Clay []. I decided the way I was doing it before was going to be too complicated to maintain. Now we have the clay-framework and clay repositories. We also still have mycfsite and mycfplatform, which will be examples of using the Clay Framework and serve as SDKs. 

The clay-framework repository will be used for development of just the framework. 

The clay repository will be used for the development of platforms using Clay Framework and will include the Installer, most stable packages, and additional libraries not included with the Clay Framework.


14 May 12

9:45 am

Valter Lorran: Clay Project Developer

I'm happy to welcome Valter Lorran as a new developer on the Clay Project. Valter is a Brazilian student and will be working on the Clay Framework (and hopefully more) with me. Awesome news :)


13 May 12

9:08 pm

OContext Invitation

I've been wandering around the Internet looking for Open Source projects to invite to OContext. It's a project and initiative I've started, based on the same idea as my recent blog about Data Strategy and Context. The project is currently hosted on Google Code: OContext.

The project intends to create an open standard for data context in web services. The context is the words that describe the data, so it can easily be recognized and treated properly on any system it is transferrred to or requested from. 

If anyone is interested in joining this initiative, email me at david.dyess AT Just put OContext in the subject so it'll get my attention.


3:20 am

Want to Feel Old?

Check out this article about the icons we use everyday :)

"What happens when all the things we based our icons on don't exist anymore? Do they just become, ahem, iconic glyphs whose origins are shrouded in mystery?" - Scott Hanselman


12 May 12

5:08 pm

Activities app

I forgot to list this last night, but I have some experimental code for it already. The Activities app is a stream app that will use Hooks to build a list of users' activities on the site. It will probably start out as an all-in-one list for the site, that can be broken down into individual users. It's the same kind of functionality Facebook started with, except they fed their's too many steroids. Eventually it will use a contacts system to allow users to network. Pretty typical for social networking functionality. 

It's when the REST server comes into play that this app gets more exciting :) More to come on that line of thinking later.


3:50 am

Development Updates

Here are some apps and features I hope to be adding to ClayCMS over the next few of months (or at least working on):

  • Hooks - Most likely part of the Apps application, Hooks will use the Services API to allow apps to share, display, or pull in features of other apps. The Filter app's use of Services will likely be a basis for this application.
  • Forms app - currently there is an API named ClayDO (Clay Data Objects) that I have built a code-level form generator with. It uses the various form elements as objects and allows me to build entire forms from within an application's code. That Form API is a ClayDO object-type, but in the future I plan to extend it into an app that can be used to build forms from the user interface and Hook them into other apps.
  • Objects app - potentially a replacement to ClayDO in the future, it's purpose is to have ClayDO's object relational mapping at the application level for more intuitive use of the UI and APIs.
  • REST - REST is a way to move or manipulate data between systems using simple requests. I plan to build a REST Server and Client into Clay that will allow you to tranfer information between sites and services. The Client will be able to use REST services offerred from other sites, while the Server allows you to open up data to be used in new ways. [This is part of the reason I want to start a Data Context initiative between open source projects - to allow sites built on different software to easily talk to eachother.]
  • Blocks app - I've worked on this quite a bit already, but I have some work to do to keep it in line with my performance goals for ClayCMS. Blocks will be similar to Xaraya's Blocks, but not nearly as complex. They will be more along the lines of mini-apps, more than likely.
  • Pages app - This should be higher up the list, as it will likely come sooner than some of the others. The Pages app will allow you to use a WYSIWYG editor to put whatever content on a full page that you want. It will also have a few prepared pages, such as a contact form, that will fill in some missing functionality until more apps come along. I have considered using the Pages app as a type of navigation tool, allowing you to use Blocks and other Applications within a page (maybe even with shortened URL support). It will be simple at first and I'll build on it from there.
  • Social app - I've worked on this one some. It is intended to offer social tools for other apps to use, such as Facebook comments, content sharing features, post to x social network, and other social networking features.

1:33 am

Site Upgrade

I've upgraded to the newest version of ClayCMS tonight.  Yay! :)

There are many improvements over the prior version, although most of them are not apparent from the outside. You may notice the blog entries are formatted better, that's thanks to the new HTML filter, which allows me to display HTML that is considered safe. I no longer have to strip out all HTML in fear of something malicious being sent through. I also have the new Dashboard bar, which is my favorite feature of this CMS by far. You have to be logged in to experience it, but it makes things a lot easier. :)

Performance has been improved and a lot of the code has been optimized. To help with performance, I've added the pager, which means I don't have to display all 100+ blog posts as once (see bottom of this page). I've also cut the PHP memory usage down by almost 20%, which isn't a lot, but ClayCMS doesn't use a lot of memory anyway. Most of the Dashboard uses Ajax form submission, which also cuts down on resource usage through minimized output and processing.

I'm hoping the next upgrade will have Blog comments and the privilege system stabilized so I can allow user registration.

Finally, this site is now using the Clay Autoboot package, which allows me to run multiple web sites from the same code base. :)