I took my kids to see the new Star Wars movie today. I thought it was good and don't agree with a lot of the criticisms. So here's my take. "Too Retro": I've heard a lot of people complain about how much it was like A New Hope. Those are probably the same people that complained because Episode I wasn't enough like A New Hope. It was a lot like it, but it was obvious Disney wanted to show it wasn't going to mess up the franchise, at least not out of the gate. "Rey was subpar": BS. Rey was a BA and while I felt like the directing was forced, no pun intended, at times, I thought Rey was played on point. "How was Rey able to do ________": she lived on her own, of course she is going to have some fairly different talents. And....there are quite a few more but its a freaking movie. Maybe if some people worried as much about real life as they do their favorite movie franchise the world would be a little better place. My kids loved it...
So, that's one of my resolutions this year...although it may be impossible considering I'll be relocating soon. One of my other resolutions is to have my new project live by this time next year. Also probably not possible, considering scale, but it's a goal at least. I have been coding regularly, but I find myself fixing little things in Clay more than the new stuff. I have some architectural plans to work through, so I'm kind of taking my time right now. I know how I want to do it, but I don't have the resources for that. My goal is to do it the way I can and hope to secure enough capital to transition to something that will scale better. It will scale either way, but it could be more cost affective. I'm also fighting not to release it as open source. Guess I'm just not used to not releasing what I make. Happy New Year!
10:49 pm
Happy New Year (in Italy) and ROLL TIDE!!
7:14 pm
I was thinking earlier about how the past Internet giants fell. We had AOL, which to many of us was the Internet. Then Yahoo!, which gobbled up countless other web companies and slowly shriveled. MySpace was the beginning of mass social media. Where are they now? Still here, but not competing. Many big companies survived and are still kicking, thriving even, both those were considered giants and fell. How long can Facebook continue its run? I it here to stay or will it fall to something better? Can there be something better or would people just continue to use Facebook? Personally, I think there can be something better and will be. I think Facebook can fall. I don't know if it will, but I see a decline or at least a stagnation. That, to me, means there's a chance in 10 years Facebook could just have been the next MySpace and the previous to something better. Just a thought :)
5:08 pm
I've decided to start blogging about more than just Clay all the time. That of course means I'll be adding some features here to accommodate my new desire to blog more :) It'll probably be mostly rants, ideas, and the occasional useful info.
8:11 pm
One of the new apps I'm working on is called Assistant, which will be the help center I talked about a while ago. I'm still working out exactly how I want it to work, but the idea is to use plugins from apps that provide help for whatever you are doing on the site. When Assistant is loaded, it pulls whatever info has been registered for the application you are in. I'm also planning on building the Clay docs into it. The coolest thing I've thought of for this app is a way to link to a repo, so the docs can be pulled from one place for a certain app and always be accurate. More on that later.
12:38 pm
I pushed the error handler to Clay's repo yesterday. I left it part of the dashboard for now. The next dashboard will be a little more flexible, so I decided to keep it coupled for now. The error handler is pretty simple. It intercepts error messages and logs them. If a specific error occurs more than once, it increases a counter and keeps the time and date of the original error message. When an admin logs in, a notification shows up on the dashbaord. The admin can then view the errors, along with how many times it occurred and any kind of debugging data is available. The admin can clear a single error or clear the entire log. It doesn't catch exceptions, yet, but I plan to have them log as well. It's actually a nice feature, because the way the template engine works some errors were getting suppressed and only showed up in the server log or in HTML source. Now I don't have to check logs and get a lot more info for debugging. There are a few things I'd like to add, but I'm happy with it for now.
7:09 pm
I pushed the beginning of a new error handler to Clay today. It's meant to catch PHP runtime errors and notify an admin user. Only the API is working. My initial thought was to make it work like the alert messages: when an event occurs, such as a new blog entry, an alert pops up telling you it was created. I think I want to do the errors differently and I may change the alerts as well or make them configurable. Right now the alerts are part of the dashboard app, although the API for them are part of the System app API. I am considering moving that type of thing to a notifications app. I may change the way notifications work, but I'm just trying to get the pieces together for now.
I pushed an update today that fixed the only PHP 7 issue in the master repo of Clay. The sessions module got an upgrade to fix the issue. I will be holding back from adding PHP 7 requirements until the fork over to Clay 2 is published. That won't be for a while...but there is a noticeable performance gain from using PHP 7 on Clay now. Clay should still be compatible with PHP 5.4+, although I've only tested it on PHP 5.6 recently.
7:40 pm
I've been coding away at my new project and learned quite a bit lately. For one thing, Clay's sessions aren't compatible with PHP 7. A fix is coming soon for that, which will be backward compatible with PHP 5.6. Also, did you know you can have symlinks in Windows? I didn't! Apparently it's supported by NTFS, as I've seen for myself. Google it. Github's has a nice editor named Atom (.io) that I've been using and liking. I've also spent some time playing around with some XMPP stuff. Oh, and although I haven't got to try PHP 7 with Clay, I did try it with a hello world app on the Clay Framework. Processing time went from 0.001 seconds to 0.0000 seconds. Apparently it rounded too low for my range. Yeah, 7 is fast. The first time I refreshed the page I didn't think it refreshed. Not even a blink. Anyway, I'm working on some stuff with Clay and am trying to hammer out a fresh framework release and some docs too. Fun stuff :)
I've worked on Clay for a while and it hasnt really taken off, which I can only be blamed for. This post is to explain why I think that has happened and what happens next. When I started building Clay, it wasn't meant to be open source. After working on it a while and changing it several times, I decided to make it more generic than I originally intended (to mak it more widely usable). By doing that, I got off track and never built what I originally set out to build. I have decided to suspend work on Clay as an open source project and build it into what I originally wanted. It's not far from it, but it will take some time to do because I have real world obligations. I have always leaned toward open source and something open source will come out of this, I just don't know what or how much. I can't consider this a failure, because I still have the Clay code base to use from here. My hope, in the very least, is to end up with a project like WordPress that has a community version. Finally, the good news is what I am building is, in my opinion, awesome and could be a big deal. Clay isn't gone, its just changing.
I've migrated this site to the new server. Over the next week or so I'll be building It may take some time for everything to go live. I'll also be working on a few other sites, more to come.