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12 Nov 15

6:00 pm
This weekend I'll be switching this site over to the new web server. In the process I'll be upgrading Clay. I don't expect any downtime, but there may be a few gaps while the DNS updates.

01 Nov 15

7:02 pm

Moving to a new server

I'm in the process of moving this site to a new server. It'll probably be a couple of weeks before everything is migrated, but after the move will finally be a separate web site and no longer a mirror for this site. Hopefully I won't break anything :P

14 Oct 15

3:45 pm

I'm Still Here....

I know it's been a while since I posted anything.  It's been a very busy year.  Unfortunately, not a very busy for Clay development, but I'm slowly getting back into it, yet again.  

I plan to finally get online first, which currently points to this site.  I have a few security updates to add, then I will put up a really slim site for that. It will be a work in progress, like everything else around here, but I plan to use it to launch the Clay Framework 1.0 release and then the Clay CMS release. I have a lot of changes to merge back into the framework repo, but most of it should just drop in.

I've been really missing development and I have a ton of ideas piling up I can't wait to bring to life.

28 Jan 15

6:34 pm

Clay Content Apps Developnent

I've been building a comments system app for Clay. I has been a good test case for plugins/hooks. The comments are threaded and have no hard depth limit. Depth and other options will be configuable per hook, with custom template and controller support. The blog app is getting some big updates and I may split it off into a new app, but I'm not decided there yet. The blog app allows typical blog articles with titles or short posts without. I would like to split those two into different apps or at least at the template level. The updates are mostly presentation, with new views to show for a homepage versus per user and topic. Tag and topic support are being added via separate plugins, with an emphasis on dividing large amounts of posts easily. I'm also in the planning stage for pluggable search and timeline apps. Timelines will create a separate stream view for cherrypicking items into customizable views, such as for a subscription system or a user group. Finally, a lot of those new features will be used to build a lightweight discussion forum that mostly consists of plugins.

12 Jan 15

4:48 pm
One of the things I am considering doing differently on my social network is allowing screen names instead of real names. I am even considering allowing entirely anonymous users. The focus is more on publishing that interaction, although interaction is a big part of it. There are lines to consider, of course, but who am I to say you shouldn't be able to complain about your job and not get fired? It's a consideration at least and as I get closer to user profiles I'll have to make a choice for relative anonymity or public identity.

11 Jan 15

7:16 pm
I've been testing an example plugin that seems to be working OK. I don't like how the memory usage shot up, but then again Clay is just now getting over 1mb in memory usage. Compared to anything else, that's pretty damn good. My goal is to keep it below 3mb on a full scale site. My old Worpress site was using closer to 20mb with few addons. So plugins are finally becoming functional. The issue I'm running into is automation. I don't want app developers to have to support a plugin, I just want it to work. On the other hand I want apps to have control over how a particular plugin behaves or is displayed. It's a lot trickier than I expected and I've taken too long to implement to have a solid grasp of the original plan. I hope to finish it up so I can get back to adding apps.

03 Jan 15

8:20 pm
I've been finishing up the plugins app/module in Clay. Once they are working I'll be revamping the blog app to work better for multiple users and adding a comments app. The social network isn't online yet...awaiting these changes and a new feature I'm not going to discuss just yet. I'm trying to keep my perfectionism at bay so I can actually launch in January haha. Honestly though, I do think what I am doing right now could be important one day so I want to do right. I am ready to finish the latest changes though...this old version of Clay is definitely dated.

18 Dec 14

4:24 pm
The Clay repo has been upgraded with the latest Bootstrap and JQuery versions and the changes merged. Over the next week or so I plan to get an alpha version of my social network up. I'll post a link here sometime afterward and allow a few people to register and try it out. In the beginning I'll only be allowing small blocks of users to register at a time and you'll have to use a link from here with a reference code. Hopefully by the end of January I can allow larger groups to register at a time. I dont want it to grow too fast at first. Once I am confident my servers can take more then I'll open it up. In the meantime, the code will be available for other sites to go up. I will likely release the code in beta in march and open up the distributed network. Distribution will be optional to 3rd parties, but will enable a lot of features that wont otherwise be available. More to battery is dying :P

07 Dec 14

5:16 pm
I've added a branch to the Clay repo and began upgrading to Bootstrap 3. It's more of an undertaking than I expected, but will hopefully save some time opposed to doing it down the road. I also added Font Awesome support. I hope to finish up the changes and merge this week.

01 Dec 14

6:09 pm
A new kind of social experiment is coming and I can't wait. It laughs in the face of corporate media and limitless IT giants. It's free, open source, open in every way, and distributed. It has been brewing in my head for years and no one has done it correctly, so I'm going to do it. By myself at first, but hopefully others will pick it up. It's almost time to remember again what WWW stands for. It's almost time to take back the web and make companies realize the the users are about to become their competition. It's almost time...and I can't wait.