2:02 am
In my pursuit of blogging more, I decided I needed to upgrade the site. Well, it's been more work than I expected. It seems at some point I removed the upgrade path for the current version of the site from my development version. Doh!! So, I decided if it's going to be a lot of work, I may as well do it right. The current plan is to enable user registration and comments. I'm also upgrading the styling and a lot of backend stuff to fix some older workarounds I'd put in the code. Hopefully, this will clean up enough of clay to finally do another release version. More on Clay later...
I'll have to postpone the site upgrade for a few days probably. I will have to break it up more than I had wanted, so there isn't an extended downtime. I'll also be updating the design and layout, as I'm building a new CSS framework to use within Clay and other projects (more on that later).
I'll be doing some site upgrades this week, so I apologize if there are any outages. 

The upgrades will add more features, I'll make a list once everything is finished.
The Clay project on Github has moved under my username instead of under it's own organization. I've updated the link on the left.

Move info to come on why, but it's for a good reason :)
Bootstrap is the pseudo standard for CSS/Grid frameworks today and the forthcoming Bootstrap 4 will likely solidify that position further. I love it and use it here. Unfortunately, developers sometimes need an edge and using the same thing everyone else is using doesn't really supply that. A new framework, named iotaCSS ( is under development and shows a lot of promise. The framework is entirely based on SASS and is designed to be completely customizable. It provides the base and you build into it, not just onto it like Bootstrap. It also has a very flexible architecture that allows you to add your own components and bend it at your will. The only downside is the framework is so loosely coupled that it is just a series of NPM modules you have to link together. I have created a project on github that brings it all together and gives you a starter kit to work from. Check it out on my github account (daviddyess). It's still under development, but I expect to have the baseline in the repo soon. It's currently functional, I just need to finish commenting the pieces.
Over the past month I've been working with the Defense Digital Service (DDS) on a new website promoting open source software within the Department of Defense. I've been working as a volunteer with another volunteer and the DDS team to build and launch the .mil site before it is presented at OSCON. We're hoping it'll be finished and ready by it's launch date. Once it goes live I'll post a link and discuss some of the tools we are using. It's been a fun experience and not an opportunity that comes up very often.
1:48 am
After a lot of thinking about it, I've decided I'm going to start a think tank on improving government and initiatives. I'm going to invite someone from every field to act as a subject matter expert. We will then discuss issues and try to find solutions. Once we have determined a solution we will contact government officials and make suggestions. We will also work with charities and try to help improve communities. I've been wanting to do this for years, but wasn't sure how to go about it. I think I know now, so it's time to start.
12:47 am
Well, I've been told I don't blog enough (hey Shaley), so I'm back :). My last post I talked about moving to Node.js development and I have to say I like it. I miss some things about PHP, but it was my first love. One of the things my team is building is a SaaS platform and the cool thing is we will be doing SDKs in other languages, like PHP. That means Clay isn't dead and I'll be building in new features to test our platform. A lot of cool things going on, I just can't talk about them just yet.
2:35 amNode.js
So, after 17 years of PHP development, I'm learning something new: node.js. I'm loving it so far, but I also miss a lot about the way I've used PHP. Unfortunately, there are some things node.js does better, so I'm learning something new. I wrote a framework from scratch, but it was just to learn it. I'm using Hapi for my latest project, which I love, but also fight with a lot. My current project is a commercial venture, which I plan to discuss more in the near future. Fun times.
We have a new baby girl! She was born on Saturday :) It's been a while, but I'm still here. I've been doing a lot of coding lately, just not in PHP or on Clay. It may be my first closed source project. It may get open sourced down the road though. A lot has been going on lately. Need to blog more often though.
We finally moved into our new house today, finally. Pics and stuff to come. Feels nice to spend the night at home, instead of the hotels we've been in for the last 2 months.
We will be leaving Italy soon, so we decided to take one last trip to Venice. It was a cold day, but overall a good one. Google took the liberty of applying a filter to a picture of the tower in San Marco's Square: